Melons are a tropical fruit. They like it hot, and Newfoundland is not hot. Nevertheless, last year I tried to grow some. I picked a variety that is supposed to do well in a short growing season, and sprouted seeds indoors, and dutifully waited until after the frost date to put them out… And the wee sprouts just sorry of huddled in the cold and damp for a week and that was that. They didn’t get any bigger, they didn’t bloom, and they certainly did not produce melons. Not even when the summer eventually became the hottest, gloriousest one in the entirety of history.

So this year, I tried again, but I waited until July to set out my seedlings and have the roots covered in dark plastic in the hope that they’ll be warm enough under there to make up for any less-than-warm weather. And the wee sprouts have turned into slightly less wee vines, and have even started blooming.


I have high hopes…


Bowls for the Folk Festival in August. I’m thinking of glazing them a little differently… Not totally differently, which is what I usually do when I get creatively restless. Just a little differently. Try out this “building on existing ideas” idea.


Lilac Jelly


The lilacs are blooming. They last for only a short time, but there are so many of them in my neighborhood that the smell of them is everywhere. I’ve been breathing it in for days, at home, at work, in the garden.

And I wondered if they were edible. They are. Several hours down the online rabbit hole later, my head was full of lilac (and dandelion and nasturtium and squash and violet and rose) recipes.

Lady night I made lilac scones (need more lilac; not very flavorful), and today I made lilac jelly (very tasty, if my preliminary spoon-lick test is anything to go by). I may have to pick some more flowers and dry them for future use.

Farrah the Cat


This is Farrah. She’s a former stay from Calgary. Her owner, my brother’s wife’s brother, is going to England for his Masters degree in the fall, and she needs a place to stay until he gets back. Everybody else in the family is up to their limit in cats, living in dorms, or allergic to cats, so I offered my house as a spot to hang out. She’s here for a month, on a trial basis. If she gets along with the existing two cats, she’ll stay until next summer.

So far she has explored the house, noticed there were other cats, hidden under the futon from said cats, and claimed the biggest sunbeam in the house. We shall see how this goes.



Wee lettuces in the community garden bed. Also on the move are arugula, spinach, snap peas, and something that might be broccoli and might be kale. (I just scattered a bunch of seeds, and didn’t think to actually wrote down what they were… Oh well, the mystery will solve itself in a week or two…)


It snowed this morning. Just a little. Just enough to make me stompy and grumbly on my walk to work. But the sun was out and I had to begrudgingly admit it was a beautiful day. And then I took a long stroll for wool [1], and I cut through Victoria Park on the way home, and there a magnolia blooming.

No matter how many flurries we’ve had and how cold it’s been, spring is stocking around. Even for flowers that aren’t even supposed to survive here.


[1] I had a bike crash this week, and have been taking it easy with gardening and pottery to help my shoulders and legs heal. Which has meant filling my time with other creative things, like knitting.

Sci Fi on the Rock

The annual Sci Fi convention was this weekend. I always miss two days thanks to work schedules, but I got to go on Sunday. Sat in on the zombie survival panel, a talk by Aron Rosenberg (Nog from DS9), a presentation by a Finnish PhD student on immortality in Doctor Who, and, of course, the costume contest. (My friend Amanda won runner-up for her Silent Hill nurse outfit.[1])


The con was two rooms and a Start Trek quiz when I first started going. It’s grown so much that there’s talk of needing a bigger venue. This year, there were so many people that they couldn’t all fit into the rooms for most panels. The costume contest was so popular that every hallway of the Holiday Inn turned into a giant catwalk network so that everyone would have a chance to see the costumes. This is very exciting.

[1] Google them yourself; I’m too creeped out to get you the link.