Finished Prototypes!


So I’ve had a hankering for something different. Here are some prototypes I’ve been working on. The cream on white sgraffito cup on the far right didn’t really work (the slip needs a little more iron or something), but the black and white one with the matte turquoise glaze did. I love the look of that glaze, and the way it interacts with my clear, but putting that design into production would mean investing space into material storage, and i don’t really have the room right now.

The other three cups have the very real advantage of being made with materials I’ve already got on hand, so I may end up going with them in the long run…

Atlantic Craft Trade Show


Day one of ACTS is down; day two is starting. So far, so good… I don’t have much experience with this show, so I didn’t really know what to expect, but I think it’s going alright. I’ve gotten enough orders to pay for the trip here, so that’s a lot of pressure off. Which is nice.

It’s been interesting meeting craftspeople from outside Newfoundland. Picking up the differences and commonalities in our businesses and our markets.

Mismap Mishap

So, here’s one of the projects that have consumed my life this month.


Myself and my friend Jordan, inspired by Anderson Travel’s spectacular PR fiasco of a map, have collaborated to produce a limited edition collection of mugs, t-shirts, and prints. Well be selling them at the Rockhouse tonight as part of a music/art/craft/video game tourney, and later on via Etsy and word of mouth.



Hauled out the old strawberry bed yesterday. (The berries are moving elsewhere, and this bed’s being rotated over to legumes and brassicas for this summer.) Discovered some industrious jay or crow or rat or something had stashed away dozens of peanuts for the winter. They’re a bit mushy now, and in the compost bin.