Back into production now. Yesterday I made some mug bodies; today I trimmed them, attached handles, and inlaid the designs.[1] I hadn’t done tall mugs yet–at least, not as part of a product line–so these ones are all a little different. I think I’ve worked out which height:diameter ratio I like best, though, and what kind of footring they look best with, so the next batch will be a lot more uniform.

The most matchy ones from today will end up in the CCNL shop; the others will probably be sold as one-offs on etsy. (Note to self: Sign up for etsy shop. Stock shop. Sell stuff.)

[1] I have a dinnerware line of black stoneware inlaid with white stoneware. It’s slightly unimaginatively called “Bug”, since all the designs are of insects. Mostly dragonflies, bees, and spiders, but now and then I’ll put out a snail or a centipede. It’s mostly a matter of whimsy.

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