A Fine Lot o’ Fish

The Craft Council Gallery (whose website seems to be permanently a few weeks out of date, but which has some really cool stuff under Past Exhibits if you want to go poke around in there) has a show coming up in February. The blurb in the members’ news says, “The Craft Council Gallery invites you to celebrate one of Newfoundland and Labrador’s ‘reasons for being’ with your fine and funky, functional and decorative, subtle and vibrant creations inspired by fish of all kinds. A Fine Lot O’ Fish is a juried exhibition of works in a variety of media to be presented in the Craft Council annex Gallery. You can enter up to two works and all work must be for sale.”

I decided to enter this afternoon. I’d been hemming and hawing, trying to come up with a good idea, for a few weeks now, but I’m taking the plunge. After chatting with Craig-from-work[1], I’ve got Plans. I’m thinking round, fish-shaped dishes (sushi sets?[2]), with lots of texture and different colours of clay.

I tried out the red stoneware for the first time tonight, and threw two large platters and a bunch of smaller, shallow bowls. I’ll have to cover them with plastic tomorrow morning and keep them under wraps until Sunday, since Saturday is D&D night, but that’ll just give me more time to tweak the design. I know the basic shape they’ll end up; I just need to figure out the surface details.

[1] One of the great advantages of working in a craft shop is that you tend to spend all day with artsy employees. Craig is a recent Visual Arts grad who was brought on for Christmas, and aside from being a laugh to have around, turned out to be a great guy to bounce ideas off of.

[2] If I can only enter two works, does that mean two dishes, or two multi-piece sushi sets? Must ask the gallery coordinator tomorrow…

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