The USB cord for my camera card reader decided to stop working Sunday, so I wasn’t able to post this until I got a replacement. I was working on my fishie dishes.Here are the gallery submissions-to-be:

Small fish dishes in profile

Fish dishes from above

Lg fish dish

Each sushi set will have one large fish and one or two smaller ones, plus chopsticks[1]. Surplus dishes will be sold individually, as pate dishes or soap dishes or whatever people want to use them for.

[1] I swear, those are the plainest chopsticks I could find in downtown St. John’s. I was aiming for brown or black, but all I could find was Hello Kitty and samurai. The green ones will look nice with the red clay, though, so I’m not too annoyed[2]. I just hope they look good with the finished items… I haven’t used the red clay with the Bug glaze yet, so this whole project could just be a terrible disappointment[3] when it comes out of the kiln.

[2] Danielle-from-work even pointed out that they look a little like seaweed from a distance.

[3] AKA a “learning experience”.

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