Mixed week

The fish dishes are out of the kiln! So are the experimental mugs.

I’m… satisfied. I’m very happy with the fish, actually, in principle, but there will only be one sushi set. (I cracked the tail off one of the larger plates before it was bisqued[1]. Argh.) And I’m iffy on the one survivor.

The little dishes are all marvelous, thank goodness. So at least I’ll be able to submit a school or something.

The experimental mugs look great–and the handles turned out very comfortable to hold and not the slightest bit warped–but feel disappointingly heavy. I guess I’m still not good enough at estimating wall thickness on newer designs. I’ll try them again with a few less ounces of clay tomorrow.

Pictures will come the next time I remember to bring my camera to the studio.

[1] I picked it up to check the bottom for cracks, because I am paranoid about large flat bottoms doing cruel things to me, and I knocked it against the underside of a shelf. The tail cracked clean off. The rest of the fish was bisqued and I will use it for glaze tests, so all is not lost, but still… It’s hard to feel positive about that.

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