Haven’t written in a while. Life’s been busy.

I didn’t get the chance to try the mugs again yet… I got distracted with bowls. Taller, soup-appropriate Ocean bowls, and some dessert-sized Bug bowls to replace the ones that sold in December and January. Fun bowls for myself. Another as a gift… I think there’s just something about winter and bowls.

Then I got a request for 120 custom-made soap dishes. The CCNL shop is planning to put together an exclusive gift set, to include handmade soap, soap dishes, and maybe some candles or some such. So I’ve been in soap dish mode lately. The design isn’t anything fancy[1], but the glaze we wound up choosing will give them a little oomph.

I’m hoping to have them all finished around the end of the month; this is a great opportunity for extra cash, but I don’t want it to cut into my prep time for summer.

[1] But that may be a good thing. I like to play around with surface detail, but for the money I’ll be getting, I really can’t spend much time on each dish. And in general, I need to get better about not spending more time than I’m rewarded for on my pieces.

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