Lean Manufacturing

Went to a lean manufacturing seminar today. Some government department or other offers it to larger-scale operations, and has started tweaking the presentation for craft businesses, so the Craft Council asked for a couple of volunteers/participants/guinea pigs to take part and give some feedback.

The presentation itself was alright (a few things to think about, and a lot of things that don’t apply or are impossible as long as I’m working in a group studio but which I’ll keep in mind for the future), but the food was great. Tea, coffee and hot chocolate when we came in the door, then another tea/coffee/chocolate break with lemon poppy seed cake. Lunch was some sort of pasta-veg-cheese piece of wondrousness, with salad and bread (good bread, too) on the side, and peach raspberry crumble, mint chocolate cake, and ice cream for dessert. In the afternoon there was another hot-beverage-of-choice break, with three kinds of cookies.

I am *totally* taking as many seminars as I can. I haven’t eaten this well in days.

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