So, the soap dishes are supposed to have a specific glaze on them. Shannon, who ordered them, asked for an aqua sort of colour; I happened to have some test tiles from about a year previously kicking around, brought them in, and we picked out a combo of the colour in one and the texture in the other.

All well and good, except now that I have the first seventy-five dishes out of the bisque kiln and ready to be glazed, and I want to make up a new test just to be sure I’ve nailed the recipe, I discover I am missing an ingredient. The first one, in fact. (Ferro Frit 3195, for all interested parties.) There was some in the studio when I did the test tile, but sometime between then and now it disappeared/got used up/was taken by fairies.

Cue several hours of frantic researching.

I *think* I can do a straightforward substitute using 3134 instead. The glaze will have lower alumina, but that might actually be a plus… In any case, I can get a tile into the next glaze firing, which will be Friday. If things don’t work out, I’ll just have to order myself a small bag of 3195, and hope it gets here in a reasonable timeframe.

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