I was showing my dad around the exhibits today[1], and when we got to my stuff, I noticed a red dot on the sushi set. I’VE HAD A GALLERY SALE!!!!! Hopefully the first of many. Once the soap dishes are out of the way, I guess I should start thinking about the annual members’ exhibit. That’s the next group show I could get into, I think.

In entirely unrelated news, I taught my first solo workshop today. It was a small girl guides troupe. I extruded a few pounds of clay[2], and they made coiled pieces. Most of them did some variation on one of the examples I showed them[3], but a few decided to try larger or more complex shapes. It was a pretty fun hour.

In *more* unrelated news, I still don’t know what that soap dish will look like, because it didn’t make its way into the last glaze firing. I have so far succeeded in keeping my head from exploding, but can make no guarantee of the continued absence of brains all over the studio walls if it doesn’t get fired soon. There is supposed to be another glaze this week. We shall see what happens.

[1]Technically, the gallery is closed, and most of the main show is already packed up for shipping, but hey, I work in the building… there has to be *one* perk, right? Getting people I know into the gallery is mine for the day.

[2] I love showing people the extruder. “And here’s our giant playdough machine!”

[3] Sometimes, working in a community studio is awesomely convenient… No matter what technique you want to show someone, you can probably find examples that somebody made and donated/left behind.

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