Busy, busy

Got an e-mail today from the Crafty Privateers, Jason Holley and Roz Ford, asking if I wanted to participate in this year’s Fresh Fish. (It’s a craft fair showcasing the work of local, under-30 craftspeople.) I said yes. This’ll be my third go–the first year I helped out with the admin side, running the credit/debit terminal, and the second year I had a booth–and it’s a great little fair. Last year’s effort was rained out and had no card terminal[1], so profits were about half of what they were the first time. This year, they’re returning to the first venue, which will fix the terminal problem; provided the weather gods look upon us favourably, we’ll be set.

I’m going to have to work like crazy to be ready on time (it’s tentatively set for the end of April), but I’ll do it.

[1] Long story, but it comes down to Jason erroneously trusting the authorities at the hall they rented to know what a dedicated phone line was. They thought they did, but they didn’t, and he hadn’t gone in ahead of time to make sure. We found out two hours before the fair opened that it wouldn’t work.

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