“Almost there…” “Stay on target.”

Glazed, wiped and loaded the soap dishes Wednesday night. I was at the studio until 1:00 am, which I did not expect… Glazing takes time, but even after two and a half years making pottery, I can’t seem to wrap my head around that fact. It’s like once a piece has been bisqued, I’m thinking of other projects, the next thing to make. My brain doesn’t want to drag itself back to thinking about those last few steps to complete the object. It’s been off my wheel and out of my hands so long it almost doesn’t feel like mine anymore.

Anyway, the kiln was also loaded with some studio odds and ends, candled overnight Thursday, and fired up Friday. I’ll unload it tomorrow, weather permitting. (We’re supposed to get a storm. I’m half hoping for a day off work, and half hoping it won’t happen at all, because I want this TO BE OVER. Also, someone else has the kiln booked for 4:00, and it would be seriously impolite of me not to unload it before then.)

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