Today I threw my biggest bowl yet! Here it is:


This was about one minute after I thought, “Maybe I should take a picture. It might collapse… Nah, I’ll just fix this little bit here first… Besides, I’d have to wash my hands.”

I wound up re-wedging the mess and making a second bowl, which was the same size but better -centered and took half the time to make. Soft clay FTW!


Twelve inches across and four inches tall. I think it’s between five and six pounds, but I don’t know for sure, because someone made off with the big scale a few weeks ago and hasn’t returned it. And all the little scales in the glaze room are in grams, and I couldn’t remember the conversion rate, so I just eyeballed it.

I also got some work done on a potential gallery submission. More on that later, when I’ve decided whether or not it turned out cool enough to remain unsmooshed.

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