I’m on a cthonic spree today. I’ve been doodling mugs with tentacle handles, and jars with octopussies for knobs… There may be a product line at the end of all this, or there may not. We’ll see. I think I’ll make a few testers on Friday, just to get a more concrete feel for the ideas. I need to work out the bottoms[1], but I have the general shapes decided on.

I have an idea for a glaze I could use, too. It’s a recipe that’s been kicking around the studio for yonks, and I’ve always had good results when I’ve used it. It’s a satin matte blue, that turns glossy (but still blue) when it breaks. If I take out the cobalt, and maybe fiddle around a little, it should be a great matte white or cream, and would look good over the textured parts of the tentacles.

[1] To trim or not to trim–that is the question. And if yes, what shape to trim.

EDIT: Oh yeah. No clay.

Well, bum.

Maybe there’ll be some reclaim mixed up by then…

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