Fresh Fish 3 went off wonderfully. I had a panicky start… I was halfway through set-up when I noticed one of my shelves was screwed in at the wrong height… Cue several minutes of frantically unscrewing and rescrewing without a screwdriver.

Got it put together in the end, and threw the rest of it together only slightly late (but nobody showed up right at opening time, so that was okay, if kind of embarassing).


This year we had a better location, better weather, and a working credit/debit terminal. I made almost twice as much money, and even got some repeat customers. One woman in particular remembered the sheep:


I made a bunch for last year’s FF, and they were one of my best sellers. They were just as popular this time around, and actually grabbed a lot more delighted squeals than the pottery. Which is weird, because they do *not* move anywhere else.

In between sales, I grabbed a nice pile o’ loot. A necklace by Jason Holley, to match the earrings I traded for at the Folk Fest last summer; skirted mug and wine cup by Heather Stone, the Clay Studio’s coordinator, whose booth I have been across from or next to at every craft fair I’ve done; linocut, block print, and photo by Rachel Dragland, whose mom is Marnie Parsons of Running the Goat Press, and whose work is beautiful.




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