Mmm, food…

This weekend is the Craft Council’s General Annual Meeting. I’ve spent most of it holding down the fort in the shop, while everyone else goes to meetings and studio tours. Tonight was a potluck and show-and-tell session where the regional reps and whoever else wanted to come were supposed to bring photos and talk about what’s been happening this year.

I originally wasn’t going to go–I just sent Tim Rast the link to this blog and the etsy shop[1], since he’s my regional rep and taking care of this sort of thing is what he’s *for*–but I was down in the studio after work anyways, and there was free food happening only three floors up, so I moseyed on up anyways.

Man, I have *got* to keep going to every social event I can. The food at these things is awesome. Pastas, potato salad, curried chicken, scallops, crabs’ legs… and then blueberry crumble and the awesomest chocolate sauce ever to top it all off.

[1] Oh, did I mention the etsy shop? I have one now. Still sort of bare, but I’m working on it.

2 thoughts on “Mmm, food…”

  1. Yep; it’s down the side. –>

    Still trying to figure out how to put in a widget with pics and everything…

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