Got a new card reader, so you get a picspam post today.

First, that third cephalopot glaze test is out of the kiln. Here’s the three of them together:


I like the one on the end the most. May bring the fluxes back down a wee bit, though; it’s a tad runny.

And here are those tea bowls, all finished:


I didn’t have my notebook with me when I made them, and accidentally used a third less clay than usual. They came out the same size, though, or very near… I knew my throwing skills had improved over the last year, but I didn’t think there was *that* much of a difference. Cripes.

The hoya in the studio is in bloom. It’s the same cultivar as my grandmother’s, who got hers from a cutting off her mother’s plant, which started as a cutting from the hoya in the garden in Indonesia. The smell always reminds me of my Oma.


Aaaaand, last but not least, cephalopot cream and sugar set!




Might even out the size of the tentacles in later incarnations. Or I might just leave ’em all different. We’ll see.

2 thoughts on “Pics”

  1. hey lady!
    I love the little squirt on top of the ?sugar jar. he’s frickin adorable.
    love love love the cephelapots, and you of course.

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