Ho hum.

Mostly a quiet week in the studio. There hasn’t been enough glazed work ready for a firing, so the cephalopots have been waiting patiently for their days in the kiln. The spring clay order still hasn’t shown up, so there haven’t been any new Bug pieces, either. My gallery submission for the Annual Members’ Exhibit broke[1], so I’ll be missing yet another gallery show deadline. No-one showed up for Open Studio Friday, but I did get a batch of Cranberry glaze mixed up. Thursday’s glaze chem class was pretty low-key… mostly, we just mixed up the last few glaze tests.

The drop-in class today was fun, though. We had two teenagers and an eleven-year-old doing sculpture and trying the wheel[2], and then a couple came in to try the wheel. There were also three Open Studio users weaving in and out… it was like a party.[3]

[1] The surviving half is doing service as a pencil holder by the studio sign-in book.

[2] The eleven-year-old was a natural. She needed help centering (everyone does), but her first piece actually held up. Most of the time, the first piece collapses, and the first piece people actually get to take home is their second attempt.

[3] A very low-key, muddy party…

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