Clay! Precious clay!

So, the studio still has no clay. Heather called up Pottery Supply House to ask where the shipment was, as it’s been well over a month now since the order was put in, and they said, “Oh. Yeah… guess we should have told you… we’ve been really busy here. It should go out next week.”

I spent an hour ranting about it[1], and then started looking at alternative clay-obtention arrangements. This afternoon I drove out to Witless Bay, to visit the inimitable Peter Sobol. He’s got a bulk-ordering scheme on the go for any potter who wants in. Call him up, let him know how much clay you want, and he’ll put your request in the pile. He managed to wrangle some kind of insanely cheap shipping rates out of some company in New Brunswick, so unless you have crazy bulk discounts yourself, it’s cheaper to go in on the group thing with him than it is to get clay on your own. I got three emergency boxes to tide me over until PSH (hopefully) gets their act together, and will hand him three boxes back when that comes in. It’s Tucker’s clay, which will be new for me, but from the first few pokes, I think it’ll actually be easier to work with than the PSH stoneware I usually throw with.

[1] One of my co-workers got me to shut up and talk about something else by asking me about how medieval books were made. And now I want to learn bookbinding.[2]

[2] I can very easily develop the all-consuming fascination of a geek, but have the focus of a butterfly on cocaine.

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