Clay review

The Tucker’s clay I picked up is gorgeous… smooth, and lots softer than the PSH clay, which means I need less muscle to wedge and throw it. Just the thing for a tired body after a day’s work in the shop.

Unfortunately, soft clay is wet clay, so it dries pretty slowly. The door to the studio was open all day today thanks to the St. John’s Days open house, and even with the breeze, the pots I made last night still weren’t dry enough for me to trim at the end of the day. Hm. Seems I get quicker turnover (so higher production volume) with PSH or easier throwing with Tucker’s. Can’t have both. (Or I could rent more space for in-process pots to sit in. Which is a step I’d have to take eventually anyways, but not one I have the money for… yet.)

1 thought on “Clay review”

  1. Sounds like you’re up to your elbows in R&D with clay and cephalopot suckers. Fun.
    I hope the Folk Fest is good to you this year (or else!).

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