Pottering Away

I’ve decided to take the plunge, and try the Folk Fest again this year. Last year was terrible, and the layout problems[1] skewed the sales stats so badly that I honestly can’t say whether or not this event is worth my time and money. It’s still in my “try it and see what happens” pile of things to do. I’m nervous about it, but feel like I should take the risk.

[1] The layout, I have been assured, was Not Supposed To Be That Way, but was changed at the last minute. However it was supposed to be, I wound up in a side tent, hidden by the main tent and the stage. It sucked, and I’m still slightly bitter, but I’ve been told they won’t do things that way this year.[2]

[2] If they do, I will seriously consider pitching a diva fit and just not even bothering to set up. I’m pretty sure I’d make more money at my day job than in a damp tent behind the stage.

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