Adding Volume

There’s a girl who comes to the studio a lot, who keeps telling me that I’m an amazing thrower and she can’t imagine getting as good as me, I must be so talented, blah blah blah. This blows my mind, because I really don’t think of myself that way… especially not when I’m watching her at the wheel. She’s been using the studio for half as long as I have, but she developed good technique a lot faster, and she’s been throwing big, ambitious things almost from day one. I’ve spent most of my time on small, manageable things–timidly sticking to mugs and teacups, and only rarely venturing into bigger items. Even my teapots are small, one- or two-cup affairs.

So I’m very proud of myself today:



Six and three pounds; thrown, destroyed, re-wedged and re-thrown twice each. But they’re made, and well-centred, and I’m happy. Would’ve refined the shape of the big one a little more, but the lip was threatening to fall over (again), so I left it alone. Will trim and add tentacles tomorrow.

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