Last August, for the shop’s annual Tea Party, I made a bunch of Bug teapots. It was only my second attempt at them, after I made my brother a dragon-shaped one for his birthday two years before, and I didn’t know how they’d turn out.[1]

They didn’t sell at the Tea Party, so I was a bit discouraged, and vowed not to even attempt another[2] until they’d all sold.

One with bees on the side was bought at the Craft Fair in November, for someone’s Aunt Bee. One spider teapot got traded with Michelle Lambert in exchange for a labradorite pendant. Three more (bee, dragonfly, and, just now, my favourite spider, which is in the left-hand side of the header picture) have sold in the last six weeks–two as gifts, and one to some bikers who saw it in the Visitor’s Information Centre in Whitbourne, paid for it at the shop, and picked it up on their way back to the ferry–and now there is only one left.

I don’t think I’m going to wait for it to sell. I’m just going to go ahead and make two or three more this week, after I get my monster pile of mugs bugged and handled. I want to refine the shape a little, and maybe make them a little bigger. Or keep making single-serving ones, and also do one or two larger. We’ll see.

[1] If you look in the header, you can see three of them, along with some early cream and sugar sets. The creams dribbled horribly, so *that* bit of work was never sold, but the teapots came out beautifully.

[2] There’s a shocking amount of fiddliness involved in making a good spout. And don’t get me started on getting the lid to fit…

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