To do:

Spent the morning unloading the bisque, glazing, and loading the kiln for a glaze firing. The Super Secret Project, a bunch of mugs, and the two big serving bowls all survived bisque firing without cracks or other mishaps… should all be out of the kiln and safely in my hands tomorrow evening.

Things still to throw and trim/assemble:
cream and sugar sets (62 cephalopot, 4 bug)
half dozen teacups (bug)
dozen teacups (cephalopot)?
half dozen cephalopot cereal bowls
dozen cephalopot pate dishes
cephalopot serving platter?

Also, assemble latest bug teapot, and put handles on the half dozen teacups that are already thrown.

The push is on now to get the rest of the to-do list finished before the 20th; I’ll be gone to visit my grandmother for a week, and there won’t be enough time between when I get back and and the start of the Folk Fest for things to dry. (This is important, because if it’s not dry when it’s put in the kiln, it will explode.)

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