What I Did On My Holidays

So, I spent the past week at my grandmother’s in Lachute, making little outings for hikes and galleries and things. On the way from Ottawa airport to her place, I stopped at Capital Pottery Supply to see what I could see. Picked up some trimmers[1], a lid-master, some underglazes[2], a serrated rib[3], and a slip-trailer with a few nibs[4]. While I was there, I saw a poster for 1001 Pots, “the largest ceramic expo in North America”, which I have to say I had never heard of before.

As it was in Val-David, QC, all of an hour’s drive from my grandmother’s house… well, how could I not go? On the third day of the trip, we set out to see the show.

It was amazing.

Pics to prove it:









I came out of it with a ring, a teacup, and a little vase. And then regretted not getting something from the smiley flower pot’s line until I came across a smiley mug in a tourist shop in Montreal, which I snatched up on the spot.

[1] Sharp trimmers! Not some rusty, dull thing a million students have been using for the last five years! Oh, jubilation!

[2] I actually wasn’t planning on buying underglazes at all, but they were on sale… I got two shades of purple and two shades of green, and when I get around to it, I want to see what they look like on the black stoneware.

[3] I like to use them for scoring, but the only one at the studio keeps disappearing.

[4] Expensive, but should make Bug production a lot faster.

2 thoughts on “What I Did On My Holidays”

  1. Great trip! Great shopping! Great photos!
    Looks like you packed a whole lotta fun and family into one week. Makes me think I need a week away to regain focus on the everyday.

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