Back To It

Back to work this week. Most of the Folk Fest wares were bisqued while I was away or just after I got back, so I was in the studio until one in the morning Tuesday, glazing the first big batch[1]. It came out of the kiln the evening… mostly mugs, but also some Bug teacups and Cephalopot sugar jars. (Nothing broke, cracked, dripped, detached itself, or was exploded at, which I think may be a first.) Except for a dozen things going to stores, it’s been packed up, ready to come out at the Folk Festival. Which is only a week away, now… hard to believe.

Today’s Open Studio was fairly quiet in terms of visitors… only two people in (and one of them was Heather, to unload the kiln and give me muffins, so she doesn’t really count). I got a lot of work done, though. The latest studio fundraising idea is to have a bunch of handmade, unglazed mugs available for people to purchase, glaze as they like, and have fired. Heather’s been throwing for the last two days, and tonight I took over trimming and attaching handles. There are still two more to take care of, but they were too wet for today, and tomorrow’s D&D night, so I’ll get to them Sunday after the drop-in class.

[1] Glazing always takes a lot longer than I predict. I really should know this by now.

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