Folk Festival: Day Two

Just another quick summary post before I go to bed.

Muuuuch better today. The weather (mostly) co-operated, there were lots of people, and I have not only made my booth fee, but almost caught up to the haul I took at this year’s Fresh Fish. Not bad. No craft fair, certainly, but not bad.

I was crocheting a pair of handwarmers to keep my hands busy. I had them finished for maybe an hour, and had started another pair for a friend, when someone bought mine right off my hands. This is the second fair that’s happened at.

I got to listen to awesome music, since the main stage was back to a usable state.

I traded a spider teacup for a pair of looong, dangly earrings by Michelle Lambert, and bought a CD by Bon Débarras[1]. I also bought a tie-dyed bandana from Max, Christine LeGrow’s grandson, who is seven years old and is selling his own hand-dyed items out of his his grandmother’s booth. His business is called “Fit to be Dyed”. I cannot resist the twin charms of a child who makes bad puns and who thinks my pottery is cool[2]. My bandana is green.

I have probable trades arranged for tomorrow with Roz and Jason (textiles and chainmail), Pearl Fifield (weaving… although whether or not that one goes ahead depends on which scarves are left at the end of the day. The one I really liked sold sometime today…), and possibly Steph Squires (pearl earrings).

[1] A band from Montreal. It’s their first time at the Folk Fest, and they are awesome. I highly recommend them, if you have any way of getting some of their music.

[2] His uncle Derrick owns a cream and sugar of mine, so he’d already seen some before the show.

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