Folk Festival: Day Three

Trading day! For a teacups, three mugs, and two cereal bowls, I got two pairs of Steph’s pearl earrings, one pair of Jason’s cascading circles earrings[1], a ball of Linda Lewis’ yarn[2], and a gorgeous scarf and two bookmarks from Pearl Fifield. I’m feeling quite happy.

I sold my big 6 lb cephalopot serving bowl. Must make more!

Serena Ryder is really good.

Supper was about the same as yesterday, but no less awesome. Thanks, Mike (& co)!

Got a shout-out from the stage from my kindergarten teacher. (She quit to be a musician a year after I had her, and she’s been doing the Folk Fest pretty regularly ever since.)

In total, my take is only about two hundred dollars under what I did at the CCNL Craft Fair. Cool. Way better than what I expected. (And it’s about six times more than I made at last year’s Folk Fest. The wonders of better weather and a good spot…)

The top search bringing people to the blog this week is “cephalopot”, which is awesome, because about 40% of the time it’s either “cara kansala” or “sherri winsor”.[3]

[1] I’d give you a link for pics, but the bastard still hasn’t gotten his website up. Grrr.

[2] 20% silk, 80% mohair. Why yes, I did have another pair of handwarmers by suppertime. And no-one bought them off me, so my hands stayed warm. :-)

[3] About 50% of the time, it’s “how to make blue clay dragon”, or variants thereof. If anyone wants to start selling blue dragons out of clay, or at least an instruction manual, I think there’s a market out there.

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