The CCNL shop has been holding a summer demonstration series this year; for fifty bucks, interested craftspeople are invited to set up on the sidewalk (or inside, if the weather’s uncooperative) by Devon House and do their thing for an afternoon. The idea is to give customers a better appreciation of various crafts, and to draw in a few people who might otherwise just pass the place by. So far we’ve had rug hookers, a knitter, a flintknapper, a t-shirt painter, a raincoat-sewer… today it was me, with a wheel hauled up from the clay studio and a few extension cords to keep it going.

It was fun. I started off throwing a few mugs, and then veered into teapots[1]. I had a lot of people stop and ask questions, and a few even chatted about their own adventures in pottery. It’s surprising how many people have tried it; I always think of it as one of the least accessible crafts[2], but there are people all over the place who’ve tried it or know someone who has.

The wind was up, and the mugs had actually warped into an oval shape by the end of my two hours, but the teapots, protected behind the line of mugs, look to be in good shape. I’ll be trimming and assembling in the next few days.

[1] The very last of the bug teapots in existence sold the other day!

[2] In terms of facilities available where you can learn and/or practice, not in terms of theory. It’s no more complicated than most other art forms.

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