Small Comforts

First throwing session longer than an hour since my wrists acted up. Went pretty well. I”ll stick to trimming tomorrow, to let them rest, but I seem to be mended. Tip from Alexis Templeton that I’ve finally gotten around to putting to use: soft clay is easier on the wrists and shoulders. If your clay is stiff, take it out of the bag, wrap it in a wet towel, re-bag it, and let it sit for a few days. The water will absorb into the clay and soften it.

I made a bunch of mugs for the shop and some teapot parts. Every Christmas, there’s a group show called Comfort and Joy, and that’s where I want the teapots to end up. They’re going to be a series of teeny, one-person, brightly-coloured pots called Small Comforts.


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