Crafts of Character

The provincial government has this branding thingy, Craft of Character, for craft lines produced in the province. You send your work to be juried by the Product Review Committee, they send you a letter with feedback, and if you pass you can stick their stickers and hang their hangtags on your stuff. I’m not sure how useful it is for attracting the average retail customer–I’ve worked in a craft shop since 2006, and I’ve never heard anyone say “Oooh! Crafts of Character! This *must* be a good butter dish/spoon rest/vase/mitten! I shall buy it forthwith!”–but getting through the review does let you participate in the provincial wholesale show and access funding for a bunch of different things. I submitted my work recently, and just got my letter back.

I’m in! Some of their feedback is really nice, and a lot of it’s useful. The suggestion of adding plates to the product lines makes me shudder[1], but hey, if they think there’re people who’d buy them, maybe it’s time to try a few.

[1] Large flat things are particularly susceptible to warping or cracking during drying or firing. Plates are a potter’s nightmare. The only thing I’d want to make less is a casserole dish, and that’s because from a technical standpoint, casserole dishes are deep plates with a shallow plate for a lid.

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