Promotional doohickeys

I am pretty well out of business cards. This is a good thing, because I’ve been waiting to run out so I can improve on them. So far, they’ve been very simple affairs, with my business name, name, and contact info–everything you need in a business card, really, but not everything you *could* have.

I’ve been paying attention to other people’s cards in the last few weeks, trying to figure out what I like, what I don’t like, and (perhaps most important) what customers want out of the things. I think I’ve nailed down the basics. All craft buyers and browsers want:

1. Name
2. Business name
3. Artist’s hometown and province

Almost all pottery buyers want:

4. Care instructions
5. Names and descriptions of available lines

A great many customers also find

6. Short bios or artist statements

to be the bee’s knees, especially when they’re buying a gift. If it’s a gift, and they’re trying to decide between two or three people’s work, that little piece of paper will make a huge difference. In the shop, I’ve had customers tell me flat out “I like that thing over there better, but since there’s no information about who made it, I’m buying this one.”

I’ve got a draft design[1] for a card that has all these things, and there’s a company in town that makes folding cards[2] and has (so rumour has it) reasonable prices. I’m going to see what they say about costs and such in the next few days.

[1] I.e., some scribbles on a square of paper I cut out and folded.

[2] It needs to be a double-sided folding card, unless I want to use really *tiny* print.

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