Glaze Update

Here’s the big bug bowl:


Loooots of blue in the bottom. A bit too much, actually; the spider who made the web is so covered up you can’t see it. And while a little blue is nice, quite that much can be really distracting combined with the put-in-on-purpose design. But hey, the customer liked it, so that’s okay.

I also had a large cephalopot bowl bowl in that firing, but it didn’t turn out nearly so well:



Something terrible has been happening at the bottom of my glaze bucket. From the look of it, and the state of this bowl, I’m guessing some of the refractory ingredients are separating out of the solution and settling at the bottom. You can’t really make it out in the picture, but the inside of that bowl is so rough I don’t even think it’s foodsafe. And since there aren’t as many refractories on the outside section (where the glaze was poured over, instead of poured in and swished around), the melt there is drippier, and the colour is a lot darker.

I’m going to re-sieve the glaze, and add some epsom salts, and hopefully that’ll fix things. If it doesn’t, something else is happening in there, and I’ll have to figure out what.

In the meantime, at least now my Christmas cactus has a big new pot…

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