Move, move, move!

We’re in the new apartment.

The washing machine was successfully hooked up, and has run one load without leaking water all over the place.

The bathroom is tidy, and the kitchen is almost tidy. Just one more box to unpack there!

Still have to put order into the chaos that are the bedroom and computer room. And organize the linens. And track down all the various bits and pieces of paperwork, and put them in sensible places. Oh, and hang the rest of the art. And take all the boxes back to work, where they can be used or recycled.

The cats are slowly settling in. They’re not quite comfortable yet, and still spend a lot of time huddling against us. Moussa has been so nervous it’s affected his appetite, but he’s started playing a little. Bebber seems to be dealing better.

Last night I stayed up until just after 1:00, arranging bookshelves and hanging art. It feels like home now.

Back to your regular pottery wibble soon.

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