Fine Craft and Design Fair

The Fine Craft and Design Fair started today at the Arts and Culture Centre. It runs over two weekends, Wednesday to Sunday, with a different crowd in each half. Come on down and buy something!

I’m not in it[1], which feels weird… but I am taking care of Roz Ford’s booth[2] for four days, and the Clay Studio’s booth for a few evenings. I’ll probably get drafted to help out somewhere else, too, before the whole thing’s done. The Craft Council doesn’t have a very big staff (maybe a dozen people, and most of them are in the shop), so departments tend to poach staff from each other for big events. And this is the biggest one we have all year.

Anyway, as I was standing in the grocery store today, trying to choose between date turnovers and granola bars[3], it occurred to me that I prepare for fairs the way I prepare for long hiking trips: wear comfortable shoes, bring lots of liquids, and pack small, tupperwareable, nutrient-dense foods that lend themselves to lots of small snacking breaks rather than one or two big meals. As survival plans go, it’s a pretty damn good one.

[1] Thanks to the longer time investment and this year’s jump in booth fees, I figured it would be more profitable in the long run to concentrate on getting my work into more shops. I’ll probably still do the fair next year, though… there’s a lot to be said for the social side of it, meeting customers and hanging out with other craftspeople.

[2] Hand-dyed textiles and woven jewelry, and all very cool. If only she would get around to writing a blog I could point you to…

[3] I got both.

1 thought on “Fine Craft and Design Fair”

  1. I actually have a blog…. there’s just nothing on it except a test run whilst waiting for a napping husband one day before craft fair set up.
    maybe over the next few days I’ll get some photos up (if I have any out here with me)….
    thank you very much. =0)

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