Craft Fair Roundup

It’s over! Woohoo!

I was only there a total of six days, and two of those days were only evenings, and I’m ready to fall asleep[1]. Major congratulations to all those who survived a full five days, and special props[2] to those who stuck it out for the full ten.

Some favourite moments:

Selling one of Roz’s stuffed dragons. The customer originally had come in for a finger puppet (she’s a collector), but squealed with delight over the dragon and snatched one up on the spot.

Free chocolate. Between samples and demonstration giveaways, I was well-supplied. (And I bought some bars for later.)

When me, and the province’s big pottery superstars (Alexis Templeton, Linda Yates, and David Hayashida) were clustered around the *other* big superstar, Isabella St. John, I took my chance to ask if anyone had any tips for making spouts. They stared at me, and Alexis said, “Avoid them.” As useless as that answer was, it’s kinda nice to know the well-established, in-the-business-for-decades potters still have the same challenges I do.

Steve Thorne can throw one-handed. Bastard. (But, he says, when he tried to show off like that in front of Sid Butt, Sid sat down backwards at the wheel, and threw an even bigger bowl behind his back. I don’t know how much of that’s true and how much of it’s just a tall tale, but I like the story.)

I finally persuaded Elias Semigak to try the wheel last night. He was across the way from the clay studio booth, and had been moseying over to watch Heather and the various volunteers whenever things got quiet. He thought he did terrible, but it wasn’t so bad really. He’d been hearing people explain throwing to passers-by all weekend, so he didn’t need to be told what to do, and he actually centred really well for a beginner.

I have some shiny new jewelry, and a purple stuffed dragon of my own. Her name is Dhuoda.

Hanging out with some really fun people.

[1] As I type this, I’m realizing it’s a perfectly normal hour to fall asleep right now, and perhaps this statement is a bit silly. Perhaps I should say, “I’ve been ready to collapse since Friday. I think. I don’t actually right now remember what I did Friday, so the “since Friday” part of my statement should be taken with a grain of salt. I may only have been ready to collapse since Thursday.”

[2] Because you’re probably much closer to collapse than I am.

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