And during the wait, I…

Unloaded the bisque in the big kiln, except for the bottom shelf, because there’s no more room on the bisqueware shelves, even after I moved some stuff onto the glazed-stuff shelves. It’s nice to see the studio this busy.

I also glazed some odds and ends of mine that were in the kiln or on the shelf. (Can you guess what the Mystery Project is? There’s a few on the top shelf, to the left.)

I organized my cupboard, so that if I use up one more bag of clay, I can actually start fitting drying pots in there instead of shoving them on top where pots are not supposed to go.

I gathered up my collection of cracked pots and broken-handled mugs, as well as the last few months’ glaze tiles, and took them home. (How many shades of blue can I come up with and be dissatisfied with? Lots, apparently.) I’ll probably use the pots for plants.

I developed some serious hat hair:

Aaaand, best of all, I got seriously muddy. And then I felt a lot better about my day.

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