Birthday Party

Last night’s Open Studio wound up getting pre-empted by a newly-minted thirteen-year-old’s birthday party. It was the most fun I’ve had all week.

We started off with some hand-building, moved on to pizza and ice cream cake, and then tried out the wheel. There were two incredibly hyper ones who took up a lot of energy[1] but were a laugh all the same, and some quiet ones who got straight to work making things, and a few in between.

The quietest one came up to me afterwards and said the thing she liked most was that, once you know how all the things on the wheel fit together (it’s a horizontal plane spinning around, clay is in the middle), you just need to think logically to figure out how to make things.

[1] “Are we the weirdest people you’ve ever met?” That’s a dangerous question. If I say yes, I’m encouraging you to keep it up, and if I say no, I’m encouraging you to keep it up. I wound up opting for honesty, and said “No” every time they asked.

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