The studio is getting new windows! This is awesome, as the old ones are cracked and we’ve been waiting for new ones for Idon’tknowhowlongbutIbetit’sbeenyears.

Here they are! Our shiny new not-cracked windows.

It’s been freakin’ freezing in here for two days now, though, so I haven’t actually been getting work done. The cold has even travelled upstairs to the shop, where everyone has been huddled by the cash (where the heat dish is) with cups of hot chocolate and tea with cream, eating cookies in the (probably vain, alas) hope that we might develop some adiposian insulation before our brief precious lives are claimed by hypothermia.

It’s not like the building is ever the toastiest anyways in the winter (while the gyproc in the studio was down, I took the opportunity to peak inside the walls and see what the place is insulated with. Mostly drafts, it turns out. Pictorial proof below), but this is ridiculous. At least things should start warming up again now that the windows are in their frames and the kilns are go-go-go for people’s Christmas projects.

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