12:24 am on xmas eve, and I’m finally done running around. Phew.

The big bowl from Dec. 6th exploded in the kiln.

There was wreckage in there from at least three other pieces… I don’t know if one exploded and took out the rest, or if they all coincidentally had air bubbles, or if they were just fired still a little wet. (I didn’t load the bowl myself; it was in a general studio bisque, so i can’t say how dry it was.) Argle. I made two more to replace it, so if one succumbs to something else at least I’ll have a back-up, but still. I now have horrible nightmare visions of every sample I’ve made for ACTS exploding or cracking or warping or being dropped or getting knocked or breaking in shipping or just plain coming out ugly.

But what is done is done, and what is not is not, and there is no more time to make anything else before my deadline. So I will have to let it go. And enjoy the holidays parked on my arse with some good books, the Doctor Who Christmas Special, and some knitting.

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