Google Requests: The Sequel Strikes Back

This week’s google request is “aqua glazes”.

Well, I’m not going to list off a bunch of recipes, because that would make for an awful lot of typing, and I’m doing this on the last few minutes of my lunch break. But I can give you some guidelines, assuming you’re firing oxidation.

1. Pick a base recipe you like, or that looks interesting. Google “sankey glaze database” or “clayart archives” (or just follow the links in the sidebar) for more recipes than you can shake a stirstick at. Or flip through some old pottery magazines; most of them have a glaze recipe section. (If you’re a CCNL member, you have an entire library of them you can access, in person or by mail.)

2. If the glaze is acidic, adding 1-2% copper carbonate should make it some shade of aqua. If not, try 1-3% copper carbonate and a teeeeny pinch of cobalt carbonate… say, 0,1-05%. Don’t overdo the cobalt; it’s strong stuff, and it’s easy to go from aqua to true blue.

There. That’s really all you need to know.

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