Maybe it’s the warm spell that makes it feel like spring. Maybe it’s the excitement over Fresh Fish. Maybe it’s the sheer exasperation of owning so many painting supplies and not using them more than once every two or three years. I don’t know. Whatever the reason, I wanted to make something different today, so I bought some paper and cut some planks of scrap wood, and spent a good chunk of my day drawing or painting Robot. (I drew and painted a few other things, too, but mostly I was in a Robot mood.) There are a bunch of little doodle cards, and a half dozen wood/paint/collage thingies that could be hung on the wall once I get a hanger thingummy nailed to ’em.

I guess I’ll sell them at Fresh Fish or something. I really don’t have much product that’s under thirty dollars, and they could fill the niche quite nicely.

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