Linguistics fun

Did you know the university doesn’t have an English-to Old Norse dictionary? There’s an Old Norse-to-English one, but it doesn’t go the other way. I spent a few days in the reference section with the English-to-Icelandic, English-to-Norwegian, and the English-to-Old English dictionaries looking up words that I wanted, guessing at the Old Norse cognates, and then looking those up to be sure they existed back then and that the meaning hadn’t shifted.

At least the grammar primer at the back of the Old Norse dictionary was better organized than the one in the Old Norse textbook.

Anyhoo. I can now write with confidence such phrases as “I went to Vinland and all I got was this dumb cup/bowl/plate”, “May the Force be with you”, and “My other dekar is a dragon”. I’ve also got a selection of handy quotes from epic poetry and such, because the customer this whole thing is being dreamt up for wants “elegant”, not goofy. (I’m totally making some goofy for my own kitchen, though, no matter where this project goes. It amuses me far too much to let it go.)

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