First Draft

At the risk of a crack team of librarians rappelling down from helicopters and confiscating my library card for daring to bring some of their books into a clay studio…

Two first drafts of the viking pottery. #1 says “I, Maaike, fashioned these runes” which is a properly historic thing for it to say. #2 has some black slip, to make the design stand out a little more, and a pattern from a brooch that I really liked. (It also took foreeeeeever to carve out, so if that’s what the client goes for my asking price may have to go higher than the original estimate.)

(PS: To any librarians reading: I promise to copy the last bits of info I’ll need and return the books without bringing them anywhere near the studio ever again. Please don’t hurt me.)

2 thoughts on “First Draft”

  1. These look fantastic!

    You did such a great job. The engraving must take some time and I hope your price reflects your hard work!

    Don’t forget to post pics as soon as they come out of the kiln!

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