Attentive readers may remember that I tried making goblets once before, and they didn’t turn out too great. They took a lot of time, and on top of it my stems were too thin, and most of them warped during firing. I sort of gave up on making them out of annoyance. A few months later, I watched Alexis Templeton throwing one-piece goblets, and I think that’s the way to go… Much less time on the wheel, no faffing about trying to get the bowl and the stem to join nicely, and if you really want a thinner stem, you can just trim off the extra clay when it’s leather hard.

This was my first practice run. The one on the left was the first, and was a bit floppy[1], but the other worked out better.

[1]I went too thin at the bottom of the bowl. And when I carried it to my cupboard, it did indeed gently bob its way to a 90 degree angle, falling over a teensy bit with every step.

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