Fresh Fish 4 has come and gone. After an exceptionally stressful morning[1] I managed to get myself, my pots, and my shelves to the Masonic Temple and all set up on time.

We had a great crowd this year; not so busy the place was crowded, but never really quiet, and pretty steady through the day. I recognized a lot of people from previous years, and even a bunch of conference-goers who’d turned up at the shop on Saturday and been handed fliers for the event. Alexis Templeton was doing a lot of promotion for us at her open studio this weekend, and that probably helped a lot.[4]

My first sale happened shortly after the doors opened[2], and I hit last year’s sales figures around quarter past one. I sold out of Robot mugs entirely, and got two requests for custom designs. Lots of compliments, and several repeat customers. I’m pretty darn happy.

Here is my booth and a delicious candied apple:

And today it was back to normal. Making Viking stuff. Getting an order in the mail. After Vikings, it’ll be manylots of Robot, and then rowhouses, and then the Folk Fest and then the Great Big Craft Fair. So much time stretching out in front of me, and so much of it’s full already.

[1] No, really.
[2] I immediately marched across the room and bought a candied apple from the Uke of Duckworth. It was delicious. Also, my sales suddenly spiked.[3]
[3] Could there be a link? Sales slowed down again once the candied apple was gone, and slowed to almost nothing when the pasta salad came out, despite the fact I was very careful not to add tuna or garlic to it. Clearly, seller eating candied apple = cheerful person who is enjoying and sharing the festive, carefree fair spirit. Seller eating pasta salad = tired person on desperately needed lunch break who nobody wants to bother.
[4] And her son makes wonderful cheesecake. I bought a slice.

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