I have a new toy!

It’s a batt-holder. Basically, a circle of MDF-type stuff with a square cut out in the middle, which you can fit a standard commercial 6-inch tile into. You attach your holder to your wheelhead, you put your tile in the hole, and you throw whatever you want on top of it.

Things such as these!

When you’re done you just pry your tile out of the hole and put it wherever you let things dry. No cutting and sliding freshly-thrown things off the wheel means less chance of warping or collapsing in transit. And it’s waaaay easier than attaching and detaching batts one at a time for each pot you throw, which is what I was doing previously.

1 thought on “Toys”

  1. hey Maike, nice new toy!

    Actually I was looking for your email address so ended up here on your blog since you weren’t at work today. I got hold of the EastWestNorth Expo people today, and they are not booked yet, the dates are July 15 to 18. The space is 8X10 which is pretty huge, the cost is $250 so if it’s two of us it would be 125 each for four days (plus tax-argh) – so far I did not inquire about the hours and whether tables are provided etc. What do you think? Can we get enough stock together to make it worthwhile? Is there a third person who might be into it (I asked Stef C. but she is already overbooked). (I wonder if my farmer buddies might be interested..?)
    The expo does look like a really busy event, judging from the flyers. They also do this in CornerBrook and Lab City every year so pretty well established. I think it would be nice to pick up some Mount Pearl clientele…. maybe get them in to the other fair as well.?
    Think about it… talk to you soon.
    (great blog BTW – robots yaaay!! I knew they would rock!)


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