The last week and a half have been a marathon of mugs. Robot mugs, rowhouse mugs, birthday bug mugs… Experiments with attaching mug handles[1], experiments with mug shapes, experiments with mug foot-to-everything-else ratios…

And last night, a bunch of mugs got loaded in the kiln. Soon I get to see how they turn out!

[1] Vinegar + wiggle? Soooo doesn’t work.[2] Stick with scoring and slipping. Vinegar in slip seems to make nicer slip, though…

[2] On the up side, I now have a bunch of nice clay cups to replace the glass ones I’m giving my brother as a house-warming present.

3 thoughts on “Mugs”

  1. A friend recently purchased me one of your ‘Robot with dinosaur’ mugs. It is fantastic. I work at the confederation building and I’ve been rockin’ it around here for the past two days. I’ve recieved about five compliments thus far, and I’m sending them all your way. I love a good mug. Thank you!

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