Retreat! Retreat!

I’ve been lost in a sea of glaze the last day or two; just surfacing here briefly to pass on the word on this year’s Craft Retreat. I’ve never been myself, but that’s something I’ve always regretted because it sounds like a blast:

“The time has come to start brainstorming and wishing…what will be in store for the Textiles Annual Upper Amherst Cove Craft Retreat 2010? This year’s retreat will be held the weekend of September 11th, just after Labour Day.

This weekend-long retreat will combine free time, workshops, lectures and presentations which are designed to unite craftspeople of all influences and provide a calm and serene opportunity to share knowledge, skills and experiences.


The 5 W’s:

Who can take part: Anyone with an interest in craft – the event is free!! The retreat is organized by the Textiles program (College of the North Atlantic) and the Anna Templeton Centre for Craft, Art & Design and is hosted by Paterson Woodworking

What happens: A jam-packed weekend of hands-on workshops, demonstrations, artist talks and presentations, campfires, belly laughs and lots of great food

When does it take place: September 11th & 12th with transportation on the 10th and 13th (we charter a motorcoach! – also free for you)

Where does it take place: Upper Amherst Cove, Bonavista Bay (near Bonavista). Workshops take place in local studios, houses and outside (weather permitting). Accommodations – most people camp but there is limited indoor accommodation for those that require it. There are also nearby B & B’s…

Why do we do it: This weekend is a full immersion in the local craft world. The activities are a load of fun and inspiration, there is a lot to learn and plenty of wonderful-grand people to meet, and Upper Amherst Cove is beautiful. You are bound to leave feeling excited, inspired and motivated to create!

If you know of anyone else who might like to be involved, please pass the word along.

For more information, contact the Textiles office, 757 8178 or the Anna Templeton Centre, 739 7623.”

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