Silica overdose

So… I’ve just been told the person who mixed up the last batch of clear glaze accidentally added ten times as much silica as she should have. Now, because I sell my work, I’m not allowed to use any of the communal glazes in the studio. Except for the clear. The currently messed-up clear. Which every Robot mug I glazed last week got dipped in. Argharghnoooo.

At least the kiln was rented out this weekend, so they weren’t fired.

I’ve got one tumbler going in the kiln today, just to see if by some desperate miracle it will all turn out okay, but I know it won’t. Glaze chemistry is too finicky for that kind of mistake to slide on by. I will almost definitely have to wash off all the mugs, let them dry out for a day or two, and re-glaze them. It would be less trouble to smash them and start over.

There are moments I really, really wish I didn’t work in a shared space.

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